Yunex Traffic - Here we are!
Today is a very exciting day.
Today is the day that Siemens Mobility, Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) launches its new global brand - Yunex Traffic - with many of its regional operating companies, including those in Germany and the US, starting to operate as Yunex Traffic, a new company of Siemens Mobility.

In the UK, Siemens Mobility, Intelligent Traffic Systems will begin to use the Yunex Traffic branding from 1 July 2021, in line with Siemens Mobility ITS businesses worldwide.  However, the UK carve-out date is 1 October 2021 and there will be no change to our UK legal entity (Siemens Mobility Limited) until that date.
"The start of Yunex Traffic will mark a significant milestone in the journey of Siemens Mobility.  In today's fast changing world, companies must always be able and willing to adapt quickly and effectively to new trends, customer preferences and changing competitive market conditions, and that's exactly what we are doing here.  We believe Yunex Traffic will now be better positioned to strategically pursue new opportunities, actively shape the market, and secure the investments that will enable the business to grow."

Michael Peter, CEO of Siemens Mobility

As global entrepreneurs, we pioneer and innovate traffic ecosystems for good reason

With the most comprehensive end-to-end portfolio of intelligent traffic management solutions in the market, we already enable cities and mobility operators to make their road networks and vehicle fleets more intelligent, we enhance safety, and we increase value sustainably over their lifecycles.

But we are also on a mission to improve the quality of life, avoid accidents, and help get the climate crisis under control.  We look forward to you joining us on our journey!  The higher the goals, the more closely we need to work together.  Combining different perspectives and competencies always offers different ways to create new collaborative interactions - and make them intelligent.  We firmly believe that everything is within reach if we align our forces.

More good news: No changes in our work together

We are here for you, whenever you need us.  You can always count on us to support you with our products and solutions, our expertise for solving your challenges, and our passion for mastering traffic management.  Together, we will not only develop traffic ecosystems of the future, but make them smarter, safer, and more sustainable!

Stay on track with us here

A new name, a new logo and a new global website: is now live, showcasing our new look and feel, and delivering detailed information about our new global company name and identity.

We will keep you regularly posted via our social media channels.  Please follow us to keep up to date.

We look forward to this next chapter working closely with you, our valued customers.

Best regards,

Wilke Reints
Managing Director
Siemens Mobility, Intelligent Traffic Systems, UK
(Incoming Managing Director Yunex Traffic in the UK)