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Latest news | February 2021

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Welcome to your latest e-newsletter, which this month includes an update on Birmingham's Clean Air Zone as well as on our environmental, journey time as a service and air quality monitoring solutions.

Cameras installed for clean air zone in Birmingham...
We have now completed the installation of all 67 Sicore II monitoring and enforcement cameras for Birmingham City Council's new clean air zone. Installed at locations across the city centre, the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras are at the heart of the scheme, which is scheduled to go live on 1 June 2021.

In December, we also met a key project milestone by handing over the minimum viable product (MVP) version of the system to the Council. Essentially a Beta version of the final CAZ solution, the MVP system enables the Council to carry out thorough testing in advance of implementation.

Our solution has been designed to deter the most polluting vehicles from entering the zone and covers all Class D vehicles, which includes buses, coaches, taxis, private hire vehicles, light and heavy goods vehicles and cars, albeit with certain exemptions.

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...and a network of EV chargers being installed across the city
Over the next two years, we will be installing, commissioning and testing EV chargers across Birmingham for our partner ESB EV Solutions, creating a network of charge points across the city. The network will allow electric taxis, cars and vans to get moving quickly, picking up a significant charge in less than 30 minutes (depending on the type of vehicle).

In recent years we have supplied, installed and now maintain over 400 rapid charging units in cities across the UK, including our work with ESB EV in London and Coventry. We are delighted to now be working in partnership with ESB in Birmingham, where we will be installing Siemens Mobility QC45 rapid DC charging units, as well as AC chargers. The rapid chargers all feature contactless payment terminals which can accept both card and mobile contactless payments to make the use of the chargers fast and accessible.

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First Journey Time as a Service solution being delivered
We are installing our first Stratos Journey Time as a Service (JTaaS) module for Hampshire County Council, our first customer for this cost-effective new journey time information system. Launched last month in partnership with location data specialist HERE, JTaaS provides accurate and reliable journey time information, without the need for additional on-street hardware.

Providing real time journey time data, the information can be used to trigger interventions to ensure traffic flows as smoothly as possible, trigger Variable Message Sign displays, or to create user notifications (alerts) against pre-defined criteria. Fully-integrated, the JTaaS module links to both Stratos Strategy Manager and the Council's urban traffic control (UTC) system to provide automated interventions.

The JTaaS module is supplied on a price per defined number of links basis, ensuring full cost transparency, affordability and ease of budgeting.

For more information, or to take advantage of a one month free trial of the system contact
Tim Wray
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Updated Stratos Environmental module
The latest version of our Stratos Environmental module is now available. Featuring an upgraded user interface, the new module supports a number of additional environmental data sources.

By understanding the prevailing meteorological and air quality conditions, traffic managers can make informed decisions on policy, op implement short term strategic interventions. The Stratos Environmental module facilitates this by taking environmental data from a number of providers, including Breathing Space, EarthSense, Findlay Irvine (both flood and general weather data), as well as Now Wireless and Vaisala.

Drawing data directly from these providers' sensors, Stratos enables trends to be analysed and strategies to be triggered automatically through the system's Strategy Manager module, to ensure traffic continues to flow as smoothly as possible. Data can also easily be exported from the system and sorted, filtered, graphed or pivoted to create customised reports.
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Bedford EarthSense
Following the launch of our partnership with EarthSense last year, Bedford Borough Council has become the latest authority to introduce the UK's leading air quality monitoring system to help with the measurement and management of its air quality.

We are supplying and installing ZephyrS® sensors to integrate with the Borough's existing traffic signal hardware and will be providing service and support for a further five years. Bedford Borough Council will use the Zephyr® sensors in conjunction with the latest Stratos Environmental module to review and analyse and report on trends in environmental data. The information will also be used to provide timely interventions and enable strategies to be implemented based on real time pollution, temperature and humidity data, as well as prevailing air quality levels.

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A travel revolution
In July 2020, the UK Government set out its vision for a travel revolution in England's cities, towns and communities, with the publication of Gear Change - A Bold Vision for Cycling and Walking. At the same time £2 billion of new funding was announced to support cycling and walking initiatives and pay for hundreds of miles of new protected bike lanes, low-traffic neighbourhoods, bus and bike corridors and the adoption of e-bikes.

The initiative both encourages and empowers local authorities to create better and safer environments for pedestrians and cyclists. Many of these schemes will be delivered with the benefit from ANPR enforcement, allowing authorities to control and enforce contraventions, and improve safety and change travel behaviours.

To find out more about our enforcement solutions for yellow box junctions, bus and cycle lanes and school safe zones, please contact us.
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